How to join

We welcome your petition for membership at The Fellowship. There are three methods of entry into our fellowship, and we will work diligently to accommodate you and your needs.

Anyone may join regardless of background, race, or social status, by professing faith in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God. This profession will be followed with baptism by immersion in compliance with the Holy Scriptures. You will attend a one-hour long orientation, which describes what we offer. This orientation explains our church structure, programs, and expectations. You receive helpful materials and have a chance to ask questions or raise any concerns. Upon completion, and mutual agreement, you have the option to join The Fellowship.

If you belong to a Southern Baptist Church previously, then, all that is needed is the information about your former church. Our office will take care of the rest. We suggest attending orientation.

If you're coming from a sister church of another denomination, the orientation class will help us decide what steps we need to take to move you over into our congregation. This is necessary to ensure your happiness and fruitfulness as you attend here at The Fellowship.